X-LARGE ‘Urban Camo’

X-LARGE 'Urban Camo' - Buy X-LARGE 'Urban Camo' - Purchase X-LARGE 'Urban Camo' (X Large, X Large Mens Outerwear, Apparel, Departments, Men, Outerwear, Mens Outerwear)
X-LARGE ‘Urban Camo’
Dig that bitmap type camo design!and the X-Large mock Army emblem on the leftbreast. It features a full zip up front with a velcroflap. It’s lined with 100% polyester and the outtershell is a 80% cotton 20% polyester blend.Check out the wild sand green and black colorway!It also features drawstring waiste and a meshlining! You can click on the image above to seean enlarged version with enhanced detail.
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