Men’s Alpha M – 65 Field Coat

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Men’s Alpha M – 65 Field Coat
Men’s Alpha M – 65 Field Coat… tough enough for the military and it’ll wear well for you too! This Field Coat has been the workhorse of the American Infantry outerwear lineup for the past three decades! So, you know this isn’t an untested, johnny-come-lately garment, because 30 years has to be plenty of time to prove that a garment will do its job and stand up under fire! And 3 more things to help you make up your mind to buy… the quality associated with the Alpha name, the affordable Guide price you can own one for, and last but not least… my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Attention! Nyco M-65 wind-resistant 50% cotton/50% nylon sateen outer shell with 225 lbs. breaking strength; Water-repellent; Cuffs with Velcro for attachment to gloves and complete coverage of hands; 139 separate sewing operations go into making the M-65 Field Coat; Bi-swing back permits free range of movement; Hanging pockets with snap fastener closures; Bellows breast pockets; Waist, hood and bottom drawcord; Heavy brass zippered front closure with snap fasteners Concealed hood. State Size and Color. Order your Field Coat today! Men’s Alpha M-65 Field Coat
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