Assos airJack 851

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Assos airJack 851
The New Assos airJack 851 is the new airBlock jacket from switzerland cycling apparel with the innovation of their AEPD II(Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design) cut, The Airjack 851 is specifically designed for temperatures ranging from 32 – 47 degrees, It’s made to provide superb thermal protection down to freezing conditions, Assos calls it body textile art, With the introduction of the new airBlock 851 (exclusively developed by and for Assos textile laboratory Lugano, not commercially available, Swiss Made), Assos is taking wind – stopping fabrics for specific cycling application to a complete new level: improved fitting and adherence, More compact, less volume, Air – cushioning circulation system providing increased thermicity values, Improved breathability, Water repellent – Total wind protection The airJack 851 is cut according to the new AEPD II forward pattern design philosophy, Put it on, go in position, close your eyes, move your body and FEEL! The jacket features strategically placed airBlock inserts on the collar, chest and front arm area, Cut to contour without restricting movement, Use it in cold riding conditions as outer shell wearing the powerStatic Plus body insulator underneath, We all thought the former airBlock jacket could not have been improved, Assos R&D proved us wrong, In extreme conditions, wear Assos elementOne Jacket as insulating layer underneath your Assos airJack 851 combine with Assos airBlock,LL 851 bibTights, More about Assos: When the Swiss are thinking about creating quality and comfort for riders, price is the last variable that they are concerned about, Assos maintains their prestigious name by making comfort and quality a priority, Assos invented the first spandex shorts and the Elastic Interface Technology, This invention allows riders to ride in a comfort level that could never be equaled by any other company, The insert follows the rider’s skin once in motion; alleviating any discom
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